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Disaster communication


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Rapid relay and
location display service

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Rapid relay and location display service from the disaster site


Real-time relay, simultaneous sharing, and remote support applications.
Manage multiple on-site situations at once Video viewing and saving functions are also available!

Useful points

Local governments, fire departments, educational institutions, construction companies, distribution
companies, general companies, and many more!


HDMI connection for various cameras. Communication is possible with a SIM card.
Dedicated terminal for breakthrough.
Scheduled to be released in spring 2024.

Usage Example

Deployment of company-issued iPhone, “ HAZARD TALK M1”, and drone for relay.

Combining "LIVE GO!" with "HAZARD TALK”, a radio device that can be used for communication during disasters,will further improve communication!
"LIVE GO!" is used as a relay camera, and "HAZARD TALK" is used to communicate with the company!
Detailed requests such as "I want a better shot of the upper part" can be confirmed in real time and appropriate instructions can be given!

Communication is possible even in times of disaster!

Communication is possible even when general smartphones are out of service!

If bibs (with transparent pockets) (sold separately) are used, it is possible to shoot video while working with both hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing iPhone?

Yes, you can. Please pay attention to the communication capacity.
If necessary, we also offer an unlimited data SIM.

I would like to be able to use the camera I use for business to broadcast live.

If your camera has HDMI output, you can use it.Please contact us for a free verification to make sure.

How do I start using the system?

You can download the software from the App Store / Google Play or we will provide you with the APK.

Will drones that I have already purchased be able to broadcast live?

Yes, any drone model with HDMI output can be used.

Can I use a GoPro to broadcast live?

Yes, as long as it has an HDMI output

Can location information be added?


Can relay data be output?

Yes, it can.

* HDMI terminal scheduled to be released next spring.

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